mst systemtechnik –
Graphical operation mode for facility management
The EDL-Portal allows facilities to be visualized and operated in a
fully graphical mode. Access rights can be defined and regulated
via user administration, which is included in the basic module. The
graphical operating mode visualizes a facility down to its lowest
level. A user with the appropriate permissions can, for example,
alter a room’s set points, close blinds, open flap valves, etc. Activity
monitoring permits a transparent trail of all interventions.
Additional security with the EDL-Guard app
The EDL-Guard app, available as an option, allows greater safety and
supervision of on-site operations.
People entering a facility register with the app and their presence is
indicated and logged in the EDL-Portal. In the event of an accident,
the person may either directly use a mobile device to send an
emergency call, or else an alarm will be triggered automatically by
the „dead man“ monitoring function.
This app is available for iPhone and Android devices.
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