mst systemtechnik –
Operation via the browser
Operate and monitor from anywhere. Only an
internet connection is needed. Data transmis-
sion is encrypted.
User administration
With the help of user administration, different
access rights can be defined for various users.
A journal is kept automatically in which all
system access and any interventions are
logged. Alarms and manual entries may gen-
erate tickets.
It is possible to upload plant-specific docu-
ments, for example documents needed for
Monitoring and visualization
Systems can be monitored around the clock
down to PLC level. This ensures reliability.
Energy management
An energy management function is integrated
as a standard. Through optimization of energy
consumption, costs can be saved.
Alarm generation and management
All alarms are recorded and logged. There are
several ways of forwarding alarms.
Remote alarms
Alarms can be sent directly to mo-
bile devices (SMS) and fixed network
phones (voice).
Email notification
Alarms and other messages can be
sent by email.
Trending & Analysis
Stored data, including energy val-
ues, alarms, faults and other mes-
sages can be analysed and visualized
Access control
The app EDL-Guard can be used to
increase personal safety at facilities.
Electricity, heat and water
Consumption values for electricity,
heat and water are presented in the
energy meter category.
Facility management
The EDL-Portal includes technical
facility management.
Cost optimization
The cost of a facility can be constantly
monitored and optimized throughout
its lifecycle.
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