mst systemtechnik –
EDL-Portal 2.0
EDL stands for energy services (EnergieDienstLeistung). The EDL internet portal,
provides a user-friendly platform for the monitoring, operation and management of facilities
and buildings.
Instrument for handling all energy values
The portal provides user-friendly operation, clear visualization capa-
bilities and centralized management of various data such as energy
consumption, alarm records and documents. This also includes other
services such as facility management and cost control.
Since the EDL-Portal is accessed via internet using a browser, it
is not location-dependent. Users require no additional software or
hardware for operation.
Data transmitted by the browser is encrypted, making communica-
tion as safe as, for example, eBanking. Portal servers are operated
according to the latest security standards. To ensure trouble-free
operation, redundant and UPS-supported servers are used.
The system overview provides a central insight into facilities. These can be accessed from anywhere via internet browser.
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