mst systemtechnik –
Road tunnels
Road tunnels are often complex projects, as so many signals need
to be processed. For example, in the Solothurn-Grenchen section
over 50 controllers are used to detect and process more than
4200 physical signals from safety systems, subsystems and pump-
ing station controllers.
Almost 600,000 virtual data points are stored in databases. Systems
can be viewed and operated using an internet browser. This allows
optimum remote access, for example from a central control room
without having to install special software in the control room.
– Ventilation and fire controllers Leissigen tunnel
– Ventilation and fire controllers Brno tunnel
– Pump station controllers, safety systems and subsystems,
A5 Solothurn-Grenchen (= 5 tunnels)
– Safety systems and subsystems, A8 motorway, Giesbach tunnel
– Ventilation and fire controller, Jaberg tunnel
Navigation locks
Navigation locks are used to control the movement of very large
quantities of water. Monitoring is by video cameras, whose images
are integrated directly into visualization screens. This also allows
implementation of remote lock operation, so that the lock does
not always have to be manned.
– Lock Port
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